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Expressions in English ceaselessly observed arbitrary, if now not nonsensical.

What is a scorching moment, as an illustration? And how on earth are you in a position to stare into the abyss?

Now and yet again, irrespective of the point that, English expressions in truth of the matter do make perception. For an instance, let us find the which means of the phrase “hitched breath.”

What’s the that means of the expression “hitched breath”?

The expression “hitched breath” is an adjectival term that refers to the feeling of your breath skipping a beat. You’ll on top of that use equal expressions, “skipped breath,” “ignored breath,” and “stuck breath.”

The a part of speech and that means of hitched

The phrase “hitched” is an adjective that means “to alternate the location of just one thing with a unforeseen movement.”

As an example, in situation you verify out to set a canopy around your automobile to provide security to it from the rain, however the duvet can help to keep having caught, you could examine out to free of charge it with a variety of rapid tugs.

In different ways to explain what you’ve completed to the quilt is to say that you just hitched it.

Hitched, like just about every adjectives, can be utilized to explain a noun.

So as to observe an adjective’s this means to one particular factor else, you just posture it in entrance of the phrase you need to have to adjust.

On this scenario, because the breath is what is hitching, we last but not least close up with the expression “hitched breath.”

What hitched breath seems like

It might very well be bizarre to recall to thoughts breath as a person thing that has a location or 1 factor that could transfer.

For individuals who choose into thought the rhythm of your breaths, on the other hand, this pronouncing tends to make very best feeling.

Have you at any time ever felt like your breath abruptly went missing just after which bought listed here yet again once additional s 2nd later on? Like your breath was at the time caught on just one matter for a 2nd ahead of coming unfastened?

That’s the sensation explained by way of the expression “hitched breath.”

How to use hitched breath in a sentence

To make use of the expression “hitched breath” in a sentence, placement the phrase “a” in entrance of it to produce the adjectival phrase “a hitched breath.”

Then you’ll placement this anyplace within the sentence that tends to make grammatical sense, most often after a verb like “had” or “spotted.”

You are going to in addition opposite the purchase of the phrases to use the phrase “hitched” as a verb as a substitute of an adjective.

This has the comparable that means even so can sound extra organic in some sentences, notably if you are making an attempt to explain the feeling of finding your breath hitch.

Some phrases, like elementary sector English vocabulary, have meanings related to a individual box.

“Hitched breath” does not elevate any particular scientific meaning, on the other hand. Now and again your breath can hitch for no explanation why, and now and once more you’ll merely get so fascinated by just one point that you just place out of your mind to breathe for a 2nd.

This could close up in a hitched breath.


“Sherry was when frightened in regards to the future reside general performance. She was once possessing headache slumbering and the moment in a when spotted a hitched breath.”

On this sentence, “hitched breath” is made use of as an adjectival word (see our information and facts on clauses vs terms) to describe Sherry’s sensation of anxiousness.

“My breath hitched as I walked in the study course of the location of function doorway. Proper. I reminded myself that I wished to breathe, or I could possibly by no indicates persuade my boss to give me a elevate.”

Proper below, the expression is used as a verb term. The speaker mentions that their breath “hitched.” Hitched is not applied as a transitive verb proper right here so no item is wanted.

Synonyms for hitched breath

As with utmost English expressions, there are a range of option approaches to say, “hitched breath.” All these consist of various phrases for the jerking, tugging emotion of a hitched breath.

Caught breath

In case your breath feels obtain it irresistible’s caught on just one issue and received’t arrive unfastened, you’ll say your breath “stuck” on 1 matter.

In contrast to “hitched breath,” this model sounds a bit ordinary as an adjective. A stuck breath is faster or afterwards released, in the conclude.

Skipped breath

On the other hand, you are going to say you had a skipped breath.

Recall to head the speculation of your breath as a rhythm. Skipping a conquer ends up in a “skipped breath.” You need to also say you spotted “a skipped breath,” comparable to with the expression “hitched breath.”

Disregarded breath

In all likelihood in all probability the most easy to perceive expression of the set is to simply say you had a ignored breath.

In contrast to the opposite variants of this saying, the verb term looks to be a bit other. On account of grammatical will cause, you want to say, “I dismissed a breath” as a substitute of “My breath ignored.”


Which is for the motive that certain person is the subject matter of this model of the expression, fairly than the breath by itself

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