The Legend Of La Llorona Launch Day, Cast And Plot

“The Legend of La Llorona” follows a circle of kin visiting Mexico. The circle of family is composed of Andrew and Carly Candlewood and their son, Danny. Within the trailer, they appear on the household they are keeping in, and are fascinated by some of the artwork, whereby a woman is violently crossed out. The caretaker of the residence tells them the particular person within just the picture constructed the household. The moment they all cross to mattress for the night time time, there’s a violent wind that blows the home windows open, and we see rainy footprints primary down the hallway. When Carly runs into Danny’s space, she discovers him missing. The caretaker tells them the tale of La Llorona, which potential customers to a amount of bounce scares the put we see Carly being adopted, a destroyed doll, and a person with blood performing from his eyes. Jorge is observed with a gun, and Danny tells his mom, “She’s coming. I do not want her to acquire me.” The trailer finishes with Danny staying grabbed.

Judging from Carly’s considerably-off facial functions inside of the cab, and when Jorge asks if they are browsing for field or exhilaration and Andrew avoids offering a answer, you are going to be in a position to perception there could be an underlying strain on this circle of kinfolk. That, paired with the concerns encompassing the crossed-out portrait in the residence they are keeping in, claims that there is added to this tale that shall be posted. Irrespective of the emotional intensity, “The Legend of La Llorona” looks to be locate it irresistible will also be counted on for rather a pair of bounce scares, which is exactly what folks are in look for of at the time they see a horror motion picture like this.

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